Load Testing a Django Application using LocustIO
2021-06-04, 12:15–13:00, Main Room

Load testing is critical in the software development lifecycle as it evaluates application performance affected by normal and peak loads by simulating access and usage by multiple users concurrently.

LocustIO, an open source tool written in python, is used for load testing of web applications. It is simple and easy to use with web UI to view the test results. Let's make load testing quick and easy with LocustIO.

Fed up of using existing tools for determining benchmark and doing load testing for your server application? LocustIO is present to the rescue. LocustIO is an easy-to-use, distributed, user load testing tool. It is intended for load-testing web sites (or other systems) and figuring out how many concurrent users a system can handle.

Using Locust you will be able to determine the system performance at different endpoints in very simple and efficient way. This will provide you a rough idea on how many requests per second is supported by your application.