“Your very own real time chat with Django Channels” Amanda Savluchinske · Talk (45 minutes)

Does building your real time chat with Django sound fun to you? Let’s get some help from Django Channels in order to do so. In this talk I’d like to illustrate how we can use Django Channels for various purposes by showcasing its concepts and diverse use cases.

This talk will cover beginner topics …

“Deploying a Django Virtual Event Platform Using Containers and Terraform” Calvin Hendryx-Parker · Other (30 minutes)

Learn to leverage cloud native tools and launch a scalable Python and Django application into the Cloud with Fargate. We’ll dive in with how to getting up and running fast, but leaving the overhead of managing virtual machines and Kubernetes behind. Create and store the application Docker images in…

“Hacking Django Channels for Fun (and Profit)” Calvin Hendryx-Parker · Talk (45 minutes)

Django is growing some great async features and Channels has been great for handling websockets connecting from your visitor's browser. But what happens when you need to do more? What if you want to keep long-running connections from Django to other websockets, such as Discord servers? How do you …

“Teaching cPython, Turtle Graphics, and Jinja2 in the Browser” Christopher Lozinski · Workshop (50 minutes)

By the end of this class you will have the tools to teach Python, Jinja2 and web development to a class of remote students.

“Unlocking the full potential of PostgreSQL indexes in Django” Haki Benita · Talk (45 minutes)

Developers who are not familiar with databases often fear them, and prefer to treat them like a blackbox. Indexes are extremely powerful and Django provides many ways of using indexes to make queries faster.

In this talk I’ll present advanced indexing technics in PostgreSQL using the Django ORM.

“Django Sketchnoting Challenge” Sara Peeters · Workshop (50 minutes)

Sketchnoting is the process of taking visual notes by combining symbolic illustrations and text. In this workshop we will learn the basics of sketchnoting first. And then we will make visual notes about Django concepts! Grab a pencil and some paper, and let's sketch!

“Rewriting Django from (almost) scratch in 2021” Emma Delescolle · Talk (45 minutes)

You're probably asking yourself "Why would someone wanna do that?". Django is one of the most successful web frameworks out there, the codebase is well established and well tested.

That is true. On the other hand, a codebase that old is bond to have some technical debt.
IMHO, Django's technical deb…

“Get interactive! Putting a shell (or a desktop) in your Django app” Maari Tamm, Florian Haas · Talk (45 minutes)

How to make your Django app speak SSH or RDP with Guacamole, ASGI and Daphne — giving anyone a console or a desktop right in their browser!

“Build, deploy and scale: Django, GraphQL and SPA” dhilipsiva · Talk (45 minutes)

How to build GraphQL APIs with Django that can serve millions of requests per second? Strategies to deploy your API and SPA for production and non-production workloads.

“(A) SQL for Django” Stefan Baerisch · Talk (45 minutes)

Django's ORM is full-featured, simple to use, and well-suited for almost all interactions with your database. But sometimes, to get better performance or to get data in just the format that you need, it is useful to have the full expressiveness of SQL in your Django application.

In this talk, we …

“Clean Architecture with Django: Rethinking basic assumptions” Paul Wolf · Talk (45 minutes)

There are two main problems in implementing the Clean Architecture (CA) pattern with Django projects: developers are often not clear on what a Clean Architecture would look like with Django and secondly the framework itself resists adaption to the CA paradigm.

“Writing Safe Database Migrations” Markus Holtermann · Talk (45 minutes)

Whether you build Django projects or apps, you won’t get past database migrations. Let me show you some pitfalls, potential problems, and how to write safe ones.

“Cleanroom Software Engineering with Django” Francisco J. López-Lira Hinojo · Workshop (50 minutes)

Cleanroom software engineering process is a software development process developed at IBM intended to produce software with a certifiable level of reliability. A principal objective of the Cleanroom process is development of software that exhibits zero failures in use. In this workshop we will rev…

“Domain Driven Design with Django and GraphQL” Patrick Arminio · Talk (45 minutes)

Domain driven design is starting getting traction in the Python world, probably also thanks to Architecture Patterns with Python (https://www.cosmicpython.com/).

In this talk we will learn some basics of Domain Driven Design and how to apply the pattern when using Django and GraphQL. We will see d…

“How to create a full-stack, reactive website in Django with absolutely no JavaScript” Adam Hill · Talk (45 minutes)

Utilize Django to build modern, interactive websites without needing a complicated frontend framework.

“Migrations and understanding Django's relationship with its database” David Wobrock · Workshop (50 minutes)

Do IntegrityError: NOT NULL constraint failed, column cannot be null or OperationalError: no such column ring a bell? Most Django developers experience those either during development, or worse, in production. We'll explore the whys and wherefores of these problems and suggest some solutions in ord…

“HTMX: Frontend Revolution” Thomas Güttler · Talk (45 minutes)

HTMX is a tiny JavaScript library which helps you to avoid JavaScript. Instead of sending JSON over the wire (like React, Vue, ...) it sends HTML fragments over the wire.

It simplifies the toolchain and the result are fast pages with good SEO (web vitals) scores.

“Full-stack Django Rest Framework” Israel da Silva Teixeira, Thiago Garcia da Silva · Talk (45 minutes)

In this talk, we want to share our experience going beyond JSON APIs and using more Serializers and Renderers' features to create full-stack applications using Django Rest Framework

“Modern JavaScript for Django Developers” Cory Zue · Talk (45 minutes)

Many Django developers are intimidated by "modern" JavaScript, and those that aren't tend to throw away much of Django and use it only as an API for a standalone JavaScript front end.

This talk will outline the options for using Django with a modern framework like React or Vue, and deep dive on eve…

“Telepath - adding the missing link between Django and rich client apps” Matt Westcott · Talk (45 minutes)

Introducing a new approach to sharing data models between Python and JavaScript, to help in building Django apps with rich client-side functionality.

“Dynamic static sites with Django and Sphinx” Carlton Gibson · Talk (45 minutes)

You're building a content site? Can't face a CMS? Well have the best of all worlds!

Write your site content in Markdown. Manage it on the file system with git.
Use all the power of Sphinx to build your site, but server it with Django.

Cross-referencing, content super-powers meet auth, forms, inte…

“Django Unstuck: Suggestions for common challenges in your projects” Johannes Spielmann · Workshop (50 minutes)

There are some challenges that come up in every Django project. Some of them right at the start: How do I organize my apps? Where do I put the base template, and all the other templates? Should I do internationalization right away?
Other problems only crop up a little later: how do I manage produ…

“All about The Django Software Foundation (DSF)” Anna Makarudze · Talk (45 minutes)

The Django Software Foundation (DSF) is the independent foundation established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports the development of Django. The goal of the DSF is to promote, support, and advance its open-source project, the Django Web framework. In my talk, I will give an overview of what th…

“Hunting Performance in Django Code” Sümer Cip · Talk (45 minutes)

This talk aims to explain the core concepts/use cases of various profilers in Python/Django world. I will walk over the different types of profilers and the basic use cases for them. The variance in Python Profiling tools we have today can actually be very useful if you know how and when to use the…

“Speed up your tests with setUpTestData” Adam Johnson · Talk (45 minutes)

TestCase.setUpTestData allows you to create test data once per TestCase, rather than once per test. This talk will cover how it works, how it improved in Django 3.2, and how to convert your tests to use it.

“The request/response cycle - a Djangonautic journey” Timothy McCurrach · Talk (45 minutes)

A Django-layer-focused look at the classic interview question: "what happens when you click a link?". From the initial call to the request handler, through to what it finally returns; a deep dive into Django's handlers and middleware.

“Programming for pleasure” Daniele Procida · Talk (45 minutes)

As programmers, we’re very lucky - our work is often creative and enjoyable, and the culture of programming itself is inventive and playful. Programming can be a pleasure in itself. What we don’t usually recognise is that the effect of this is to make the software we create worse rather better. If …

“Getting started with React, GraphQL, and Django” Aaron Bassett · Workshop (50 minutes)

What is GraphQL? When would I use it instead of DRF? How does it work with my models? In this session, we'll answer all these questions and more as we walk through a working example of a React, GraphQL, and Django application.

“Django with PostgreSQL superpowers” Paolo Melchiorre · Talk (45 minutes)

Django per se is a database-agnostic web framework, but real-world projects based on it are not. PostgreSQL has the richest feature set of any supported databases and we'll see how to use these superpowers in Django.

“Serving Files with Django” Jochen Wersdörfer · Talk (45 minutes)

Is it possible to use just Django to serve static/media files? Even thousands of clients in parallel while saturating at least a 1Gbit link? I believe it is :) (now).

“Anvil: Full Stack Web with Nothing but Python” Meredydd Luff · Talk (45 minutes)

What if we could build our front ends in Python too? Anvil is a framework to get us there: no HTML, JS, CSS, React, Bootstrap or Webpack required!

Instead, how about a Python UI toolkit, a drag-and-drop designer, and a full-stack runtime that doesn't require you to squeeze all your application stat…

“Load Testing a Django Application using LocustIO” Vibhash Chandra, Pranjal Jain · Talk (45 minutes)

Load testing is critical in the software development lifecycle as it evaluates application performance affected by normal and peak loads by simulating access and usage by multiple users concurrently.

LocustIO, an open source tool written in python, is used for load testing of web applications. It …

“You might not need a frontend framework” Afonso Cerejeira · Talk (45 minutes)

Javascript is eating the world, but it does not need to eat your project too!. In this talk we will explore lightweight frontend solutions for progressively enhancing a Django web page.

“Managing multiple Django services in a single repo” Benjy Weinberger · Workshop (50 minutes)

Django projects are standalone by nature, but with the right tooling and practices you can effectively maintain many interrelated Django services in a single streamlined repo, with minimal boilerplate and copypasta.

“Securing Django Applications” Gajendra Deshpande · Talk (45 minutes)

In this talk, we will focus on two aspects. First, performing penetration testing on Django web applications to identify vulnerabilities and scanning for Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 risks. Second, strategies and configuration settings for making the source code and Django a…

“KEYNOTE | Spreading our tentacles - taking a Django app global” Frederike Jaeger · Keynote (75 minutes)

Imagine you built a pretty snazzy Django app to transform your company's business. You're helping with revolutionising the energy industry to make better use of green energy. Pretty cool right? Now imagine your company is expanding to new countries and not only that, other companies want to use you…

“KEYNOTE | We're all part of this: Jazzband 5 years later” Jannis Leidel (he/him) · Keynote (75 minutes)

The Jazzband project was launched 5 years ago to help maintainers find a way to secure the long-term maintenance of their Python projects. The result was a collective of volunteers that stepped up in a big way on the way to solve Open Source sustainability.

In this talk I'll dive into the history o…

“KEYNOTE | How to be a djangonaut in a climate emergency” Chris Adams · Keynote (75 minutes)

The science on climate spells out the need for rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented changes to how we work and live. What does this mean for the way we build digital services as djangonaugs?

We’ll explore what we can, and should be doing as professional technologists in a climate emergency, the p…

“What about DjangoCon Europe 2022?” Miguel Magalhães, David Vaz · Other (30 minutes)

We hosted the last two DjangoCon Europe 2020 and 2021. What about 2022? Who is next?

We will share our experience over the last two years, the good the bad and the ugly.

DjangoCon Europe will go on and following the tradition we will pass over the olympic torch to whoever wants to continue.

The fir…

“Profiling Django & Python apps” Sümer Cip, Jérôme Vieilledent · Workshop (50 minutes)

It is difficult to improve what is not measurable! Profiling an application should always be the first step in trying to improve its performance. With this workshop, learn how to identify performance issues in your application and adopt the best profiling practices in your daily development habits.…

“From Development to Production, Getting Actionable Insights to Optimize Django Code Performance” Jérôme Vieilledent · Other (30 minutes)

Blackfire offers a unique blend of Monitoring and Profiling features. Unlike traditional APMs on the market, it focuses on the quality of the data it collects, rather than its quantity, in order to make sure developers know quickly what they can do to fix issues.